Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact: Director Wu

Contact number: 0552-4095001 18955206615

Address: No. 1285, Yan Nan Road, hi tech Development Zone, Bengbu, Anhui.

One. administrative officers (2)


1, male, under 45 years old;

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, conscientious and responsible for work, can adhere to the principles, impartial business to maintain the order of the company; realize the standardized management of enterprises;

3. Good sense of service;

4. First Diploma or above.

Two, assistant chairman (1)

1. College degree or above, below 45 years old, female;

2, with more than 2 years of work experience, adaptability and adaptability.

3. Familiar with computer office software operation;

4. Strong sense of responsibility, cooperation and innovation.

Three. Sales District Manager (10)

1, below 40 years old;

2. College degree or above;

3. More than two years working experience, drivers will be preferred.

Four. Mechanical Engineer (5)

1. Above 28 years old, junior college degree or above in Mechanical Engineering (including junior college);

2. Above 3 years working experience in mechanical manufacturing industry, skilled in mechanical design software, familiar with mechanical manufacturing process, independent design of non-standard equipment is preferred (several males);

Five. After sales engineer (10)

1. Technical secondary school or above (major in Mechatronics) preferred.

2. Be able to draw CAD, have a circuit basis, and have certain communication skills.

3. Working experience in mechanical and electrical industry is preferred (male).

Six. Office clerk (2)

1. Technical secondary school or above, under 40 years old, with unlimited sex.

2. Basic office software operation.

3. Work experience and driver's license are preferred.

Seven, milling machine, lathe operator (2)

1, mechanical processing, vehicle, milling, drilling;

2. Graduated from relevant professional departments.

3. Be able to read the drawings related to machining and follow the drawings.

4. Have at least three years or more operation manual or numerical control lathe, grinder, drilling machine, milling machine and other mechanical processing equipment.

Eight, rivet welding (2)

Male, can understand blueprint, have working experience is preferred.

Nine. Reserve cadres

1. Outstanding graduates should be college or above;

2. Age below 30 years old, with good organization, coordination and communication skills;

3. Aggressive and able to withstand challenges and growth pressures.

The above positions are salary negotiable, enjoying induction training, five insurance, shuttle service, overtime allowance, birthday and other treatment.

Contact: Wu director, telephone number: 0552 - 4095001 18955206615/15755200606

Address: No. 1285, Yan Nan Road, hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Bengbu, Anhui.