Matters needing attention in maintenance

1, the machine should be operated by trained full-time staff.

2. The equipment should always be kept clean. Every shift should wipe and refuel the upper and lower guide rails and gear racks (the guide rails are lubricated with oil, and the racks are partly lubricated with butter).

3. The computer shuts down the computer and power supply after the equipment is shut down to prevent the non-operator from damaging the equipment and altering the data. If you need to repair the computer, please backup the software parameters to restore the parameters when the software is reinstalled.

4. Always check whether the moving parts have abnormal sound, and if abnormal sound is found, stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate the fault.

5. After troubleshooting, check whether the knife wheel returns to the original point when starting to avoid the beam after starting out of the track.

6. Clean compressed air should be used in the equipment to avoid premature damage to air passage components and regularly clean up water and impurities in the gas source triple.

7, equipment power supply should be grounded to prevent leakage.

8. When the assembly line is up with the upper chip machine and the sheet breaking machine, the cutting machine should be 2-5mm lower than the upper part. It is 2-5mm higher than the breaking machine.

9. When cutting glass, the cutter must be refueled (kerosene), and the bottom tank should be checked regularly.