The two quarter of 2018, after sales training conference held ceremoniously.

The two quarter of 2018, after sales training conference held ceremoniously.

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On August 7, the second quarter of 2018, the Anhui Jingling after-sales service personnel training conference was held solemnly. After-sales service personnel from all over the country returned to Jingling headquarters in Bengbu High-tech Zone to receive comprehensive training in enterprise culture, equipment installation, commissioning, training and after-sales application.

First of all, Chairman Xu Junhui addressed the conference and explained the essence of Jingling 24 *365 service concept: our service concept is aimed at the actual needs of our industry, but also according to our Jingling development goals to make strategic, brand new global brand service concept. Service is action, not image. Service is commitment, not attitude. The idea of our 24 * 365 service concept is to bring unexpected surprises to our customers. This surprise is to bring greater value-added services to our customers, so that our customers can save more cost, improve efficiency, increase the maximum efficiency of the product.

After that, a number of lecturers will give detailed and comprehensive explanations and lectures to the trainers according to their corresponding knowledge, analyze the problems encountered by the staff in the first half of the year, and give the most perfect solution. Field trainees ask questions about the technical difficulties of equipment application and the problems encountered by customers, and each lecturer gives detailed answers one by one. At the same time, the lecturers also explained the main structure, function, performance, equipment installation specifications, application technology and difficult application of the new equipment. Aftermarket backbone personnel have trained the installation and application of new products and equipment.

Finally, the chairman Xu Junhui gave clear instructions on the work flow of the after-sales service department, the duties and codes of conduct of the after-sales service personnel, the training manual for the after-sales service personnel and the customer training manual for Jingling.

Anhui Jingling has a lot of new equipment launched every year, and our after-sales service staff have been serving customers for many years. It is difficult to understand the structure, function, performance, installation process and technology of our new equipment thoroughly in time. After the capacity increase, the structure of the whole after-sales service team has been adjusted. Reform, therefore, requires the return of all after-sales service personnel; half a year has passed, after-sales staff can come back to exchange and share ideas about new problems encountered outside the time, or ways to solve them, so that other employees will know how to deal with the same problems in the customer place. To solve it. Our equipment in the customer site how to use it is also crucial, which involves all the debuggers on the site to have a systematic ability, they come back to the purpose of a systematic training. The 24 *365 service concept of a comprehensive grasp and application to the actual action, so that our customers get more high quality service!

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