Dare to think, dare to do, jingling create high innovation!

Dare to think, dare to do, jingling create high innovation!

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Ten years ago, China's glass machinery and equipment manufacturers have not yet mastered the manufacturing technology of automatic glass cutting machine. Domestic glass machinery and equipment rely heavily on imports, imported equipment almost monopolized the Chinese market. The price of a cutting line equipment is more than one million yuan, seriously affecting the development of China's glass cutting industry.

Under this background, the Anhui Jingling people, with their intelligence and hard-working hands, developed China's first double-bridge overpass precision cutting table, rewriting China's long-term dependence on imported glass cutting equipment history. Over the past 12 years, the home-made cutting machine manufacturer, mainly Anhui Jingling, has gone through the process of development from importation, digestion to innovation. Not only has he mastered the manufacturing technology of the automatic glass cutting machine, but also, with the advantage of localization, he has overtaken the imported cutting machine in one fell swoop, allowing most of the domestic glass to be added at a cost-effective rate. The factory used automatic cutting machine. The domestic cutting machine not only pulled the imported cutting machine from the monopoly position, but also sold the cutting machine to the home of European and American cutting machine manufacturers.

Anhui Jingling devotes itself to the research and development of glass cutting equipment and cutting tools. It is a new type of enterprise which integrates scientific and technological research and development, equipment manufacturing, sales and trade and technical services. It has also become a large glass cutting equipment manufacturer. The company specializes in the production of automatic glass cutting machine, automatic glass tablet, breaking table, manual glass cutting machine, semi-automatic glass cutting machine, automatic circle cutting machine, cross cutting machine, vertical cutting machine and various types of glass cutting knife wheel, cutting tools and so on. The products are suitable for cutting various kinds of glass, such as building, hollow, doors and windows, furniture, household appliances, solar energy, handicrafts, flat-panel embossed glass and so on.

In 2006, Anhui Jingling Company started to develop automatic CNC glass cutting machine on the basis of manual and semi-automatic glass cutting machine. At the same time, the products developed by the company have been awarded more than 20 national patent certificates continuously. All these prove that Jingling people inherit the spirit of indomitable willfulness of the Chinese nation and the spirit of enduring hardships and hardships, fearing difficulties, devoting themselves to hard work and forging ahead. We can not help but praise the Jingling people, but also the wisdom and diligence of our Chinese people, and we must be happy to live in this era. From the rise of domestic glass cutting equipment and the development of Jingling in Anhui Province, we can proudly say: the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will soon come!