Anhui jingling economic high speed four side grinding product project appraisal meeting will be held successfully.

Anhui jingling economic high speed four side grinding product project appraisal meeting will be held successfully.

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August 22, 2018, Anhui Jingling economic high-speed four-sided grinding product project review meeting, held in the company successfully. The meeting was led by the technical center, and invited the trial customer representative Hefei Lanshilan General to participate in the meeting. Around the product sales, after-sales, production, quality inspection and other departments to cooperate, launched a heated discussion around customer needs.

After the review meeting, Hefei Blue Solid Glass Company visited our company for field visits. Anhui Jingling quality products and services, strong company strength and reputation protection, huge industry prospects for development, is an important reason to attract customers to visit.

The company's executive deputy general representative company warmly welcomed the arrival of blue general. Accompanied by the principal person in charge of each department, Mr. Lan and his team visited the company's production workshop and conducted on-the-spot test operation under the guidance of relevant technical personnel. The good performance of the equipment made the customer sigh with admiration!

The company leaders and relevant staff have provided detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by customers, enriched solid professional knowledge and operational skills, and also left a deep impression on customers.

Accompanied by a detailed introduction of the company's main equipment production and processing process and equipment range of use, product characteristics and other relevant knowledge. After the visit, the company's head of the company on the company's current development, as well as the technical upgrading of equipment, 24 *365 new service concept, to create a Jingling global brand development strategy and so on are described in detail.

Customers are impressed by the comfortable working environment, orderly working process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and diligent employees. Customers and senior management of the company discuss the related issues of the future deep cooperation between the two sides, hoping to achieve mutual complementarity and win-win in future cooperation projects. Common development, create the future together!

Customer value and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, Jingling people are all for the needs of customers, for the development of the industry without forgetting the original heart, leading the way!