Anhui jingling safety production training demonstration site will be held

Anhui jingling safety production training demonstration site will be held

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Then, chairman Xu Junhui concluded: "we feel that we are growing, gaining and understanding. At the same time, Chairman Xu Junhui advised new employees to think about how to accomplish their career development from quantitative change to qualitative change. They should take a long-term view and not care what they are doing at present, but what they are going to do in the future. And send a message to the new staff in their own jobs to create results for the development of Anhui Jingling to make due contributions. On the afternoon of August 18th, Anhui jingling safety production training demonstration site was held in the company's production workshop. All the staff of Jingling headquarters will attend the meeting. The purpose of the on-site meeting is to implement the main responsibility of safety production training, improve the quality of safety production and safety production skills of employees, and effectively prevent the occurrence of various safety production accidents.

Xu Baoguo, deputy chief executive, demonstrates the use and standardized operation of various safety equipments on the spot, so that everyone can operate them by hand and improve their awareness of prevention and operational skills. At the same time, the production minister Dou Renchao also for the actual situation of the company's production workshop made a detailed requirement on safety production and matters needing attention.

Xu Junhui, chairman of Anhui Jingling, pointed out in his mobilization speech at the training demonstration meeting that education and training is an important basic work for safe production. Strengthen safety training, is the source of containment of accidents, is the basic requirement of safe production, is an important cure for safe production. Strengthening the training and education of safety production and improving the safety skills of employees are the legal obligations of enterprises and the basic rights of employees. I hope that the safety training will continue to be carried out, from which we can discover a good method of safe production, experience passed to everyone in Jingling, so that each Jingling people can remember safe production, master safe production skills, and further deepen the safety production policies and regulations and related theoretical knowledge of the familiar understanding for the public. The next step to improve the safety management, accident risk prevention and control, emergency management system and other aspects of work to lay the foundation.

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