Anhui jingling carries out the third quarter "safety production" fire safety knowledge training lecture

Anhui jingling carries out the third quarter "safety production" fire safety knowledge training lecture

publishdate:2018-08-16 views:2501

In order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety and enhance our emergency response capability of self defense and self rescue. On the afternoon of Aug. 16, the company held a training seminar on fire safety knowledge for the third quarter in the meeting room of the production department on the first floor of the administrative building. Wang Chen, the instructor of Anhui Common Security Fire Publicity Center, was invited to give a seminar on fire safety knowledge training for the staff of the production department.

Professor Wang first broadcasts the warning film of safety production education to inspire employees from safety accident cases and draw lessons to further enhance their safety awareness. At the same time, he briefly introduces the formation and brief contents of various relevant safety production laws and regulations, and aims at the company's right. The potential safety hazards, precautionary points and emergency measures in production-oriented enterprises are explained.

In the lecture, Professor Wang, in the form of videos and PPT pictures, told us about the danger of various fires, fire prevention and escape measures, introduced the performance of fire protection facilities, the use of fire extinguishing equipment, with emphasis on imparting disaster prevention and relief knowledge and skills of enterprises.

Through the demonstration of instructor Wang's vivid explanation and the broadcast of the video of typical fire accidents in China, the trainees are deeply aware of the great harm that fire brings to society, family and life. It is recognized that preventing and eliminating fire accidents is the top priority of safety production management.

After the lecture, the safety supervision department of the company requires employees to pay attention to safety production and safe operation from the ideological point of view, to provide a good environment for the healthy development and operation of the enterprise; to standardize operation, abide by safety production and operating rules and regulations, to ensure the safety of employees'life and property; to strengthen ideological education, to enhance the managers and staff of the enterprise. Safety awareness.

After listening to the lecture, we all said that in the future production and life, we should always pay attention to the hidden dangers of safety around us, so as to live in peace and think of dangers, alarm bells ringing.