Sun sum group Limited by Share Ltd

Sun sum group Limited by Share Ltd

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Established in November 1985, Sensen Group Co., Ltd. is a private scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service. After more than 30 years of ups and downs, it has continuously created brilliant achievements in aquaculture leisure, aquaculture machinery, industrial supporting industries.

Sensen has set up nine functional departments in the group headquarters, namely, quality control center, product development center, marketing management center, technology research and development center, administrative personnel center, procurement and supply center, advertising information center, financial control center and investment center. It is wholly owned by Zhoushan Gechi, Zhejiang Jialu, Jiangsu Sensen and Chongqing Sensen. Sen, Sun Yat-sen, Tianjin Sen-sen, Zhoushan Sen-sen Import and Export, Sichuan Sen-sen Trade, Jiangsu Sen-sen Trade, Tianjin Sen-sen Trade, Sun Yat-sen Trade 11 subsidiaries, holding Jiangxi Sen-sen Trade, Guangxi Sen-sen Trade, Hangzhou Sen-sen Trade, Xi'an Sen-sen Trade, Jinan Sen Sen-sen Trade and other leisure trading companies. It mainly produces 13 series, more than 90 varieties and 530 specifications of aquarium tanks, fishing machine equipment, medium pressure air pumps, industrial pumps and aquarium equipment. It has many advantages, such as variety, complete specifications, wide range of use, large-scale production, independent intellectual property rights and so on. Supply continuously for domestic and foreign markets.

Sensen adheres to the "industrial technology, marketing globalization, brand internationalization" as the development direction, to build a sound sales network system. With thousands of uniformly renovated Sensen aquarium stores nationwide, the company has constructed a marketing system with coastal provincial cities as the axis, southwest, northwest and south-central provincial cities as the focus, county-level cities as the radiation point, integrating domestic and foreign outlets, and striving to create a "Sensen" brand image and comprehensively expand market share.

Professional quality, innovation and win the market, sincere customer retention, talent achievement of enterprises. In the future, Sensen will continue to move forward for the development of domestic and foreign leisure industry and industrial aquaculture equipment.