Fuyao Glass Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Fuyao Glass Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

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Fuyao Group (Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.), founded in 1987 in Fuzhou, China, is a large multinational group focusing on the field of automotive safety glass and industrial technology glass. It was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1993 (A share code: 600660) and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2015 (H share). Code: 3606), forming the "A+H" mode which is the two largest capital platform across the border.

Since its founding, Fuyao Group is committed to making a piece of high-quality glass for the Chinese people, playing a supporting role in the automotive industry, adhering to the core values of "diligence, simplicity, learning and innovation", and adhering to the strategic line of independence, application research and development, openness and tolerance. After more than 30 years of development, Fuyao Group has established modern production bases and commercial organizations in 16 provinces and cities in China, as well as in 9 countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan and South Korea, and has set up six design centers in China, the United States and Germany, employing about 26,000 people.

Today, Fuyao Group has become a large-scale professional supplier of automotive glass. Its products have been certified and selected by automotive manufacturers and major automotive manufacturers, including Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford and Chrysler, etc., to provide OEM ancillary services and complete sets of automotive glass. The solution has been rated as "the best supplier in the world" by major automobile manufacturers. Fuyao Group is an active explorer and practitioner of "industry 4". The company is guided by wisdom, driven by innovation, through intelligent manufacturing, to provide customers with a "soul" of glass, its information technology and production automation in the forefront of the industry. In recent years, Fuyao Group has been awarded the "China Quality Award Nomination Award", "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise", "National Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "National Enterprise Technology Center" and other innovation honors and qualifications.

Fuyao Group has successively won the Fortune 500 in China and the top 500 in China's private enterprises for many years. It has won many social honors such as "China's Best Corporate Citizen", "China's Ten Best Listed Companies" and "CCTV Best Employer". Mr. Cao Dewang, the chairman of the board of directors, has contributed more than 11 billion yuan since 1987, and is praised as the "real first good". He won the "Oscar" of the business circles in 2009, the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Global Award" and the "Golden Phoenix Award" of the glass industry in 2016. The jury said that "Cao Dewang led the Fuyao Group to change the world." The layout of the automotive glass industry.